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Exclusive Discounts for Staff Training!

Exclusive Discounts for Staff Training!

We can help you maximize your remaining professional development dollars. Fiscal 2023/24 is almost over - take advantage of exclusive member discounts for your healthcare staff.

An Additional 2.5% Discount for Members

CHA Learning, the professional development division of HealthCareCAN, is offering members an additional 2.5% discount on top of the existing member discount, if used to register a group of 5 or more staff in any of our online programs or courses.

Special discounted rate valid until March 31st, 2024

About CHA Learning's Programs and Courses

CHA Learning: Canada's only national, fully online learning provider serving all of healthcare.

With over 70 years of history as a non-profit healthcare learning provider, online professional development is all we do. Tens of thousands of professionals have graduated from our programs and gone on to positively impact the health system.

Our online programs and courses are developed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals, to serve the current needs of our healthcare industry.

All are flexible, self-paced and designed with the idea of work-learning-life balance in mind. Supported by faculty coaches, themselves health leaders, our courses are designed to be highly practical so learnings can be applied immediately. 

  • Management
  • Leadership & Leadership Express
  • Systems Thinking & Transformation
  • Health Information
  • Food & Nutrition Management
  • Quality, Safety, People-Centred Care
  • Long-Term Care
  • Health Research
  • Mental Health 
  • Coaching Services

For a full list of our learning options, please Click Here to visit our programs and courses page.

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Achieving Excellence Through Group Learning

Group learning will empower your healthcare team to excel in their professional development journey by fostering important conversations and connections that may not otherwise take place and enable your team to immediately apply the knowledge they acquire during the learning process. This, coupled with the cost savings associated with group learning, make it a valuable tool for your team to achieve excellence together.

Group Learning and
Custom Cohorts

Groups from the same team or organization can learn together in an encouraging and supportive environment to maximize their ability to apply their learning.

When you enrol as a group, we offer 'closed cohort' study for no additional fee. This allows your team to move through the program together and provides a confidential space to discuss complex and organizational-specific issues amongst your group.

Groups can also enrol in open programs, allowing them to learn alongside other healthcare professionals from across Canada.

Team Coaching and Leadership Development

CHA Learning offers a suite of coaching and professional services for groups and teams to enhance leadership potential, team effectiveness, skills and knowledge,  and culture.

We can work with you and your team to provide high-quality, personalized and effective learning and growth solutions, based on our decades of experience in the healthcare learning space.

Customized Learning

CHA Learning will collaborate closely with your healthcare organization to create tailored learning solutions that address your team's unique requirements and specific needs. Meet with a Program Director today to discuss this further and develop a comprehensive learning plan for your healthcare team. 

Empowering Teams Through Trusted Learning Partnerships

With our healthcare expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide tailored learning experiences that empower teams to thrive in their respective fields. Join this prestigious group of organizations (and many others) who have placed their trust in us as their go-to source for comprehensive, impactful learning solutions.

Partnership Case Studies

CHA Learning is the leading provider of professional development and staff training in the healthcare sector. Our partnerships with healthcare organizations like yours lead to success stories worth sharing. Explore our case studies to discover how we deliver tailored learning experiences designed to empower teams to excel.

Partnering to Build Capacity for Innovation
and Improvement

Increasing Capacity of Organizational Development Teams – One plus One equals unlimited possibilities

What Our Students and Partners Have to Say

We’ve supported tens of thousands of alumni as they excel in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

“CHA Learning worked with us to design and deliver a webinar series, and they absolutely nailed it! It was a perfect example of we asked, and they answered.”
—Julie Sullivan | HR Strategist at Eastern Health 

“sources whereas high standards in web readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.”

Luke SmithLuke SmithCEO & Founder odx

“My experience with CHA Learning was great. As a mature student it was easy to navigate around and the program material was simple to read and understand, and your course professor is just an email away. I would highly recommend anyone to take any online course offered.”   

— Christine Mecke | FSNM Program Graduate

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Connect with one of our program directors
for a strategic conversation.

Fill out this form with your contact information or call us directly at +1 855 236 0213, ext #1
to be connected with one of our program directors. 


Connect With a Healthcare Learning Advisor

Get in touch with our caring and knowledgeable team members to discuss your career objectives, learning needs and which program or course might be the best fit for you. We know time is precious, so let us help you with this important career decision and answer any questions you have about our organization, our programs and help you set up a learning plan.

Connect and succeed with us.

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