Case Study

Partnering to Build Capacity for Innovation and Improvement


The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is a valued member of HealthCareCAN and one of the largest academic health science centres in Canada. CHA Learning’s success is in part predicated on partnerships. This is a value baked into the culture of both CHA Learning and HealthCareCAN (“Leading Innovation Together”). We believe we can always go further and have a bigger impact on the health system by working with others who bring unique strengths or value to the partnership.

Through our relationship with TOH, we learned that they had developed their very own quality improvement framework, after much experience with the challenges that other well-known quality improvement methodologies did not help solve. In addition, TOH had been teaching this framework internally and in person to lend consistency to the knowledge and skills of its clinicians and leaders in improving quality and fostering innovation in Eastern Ontario.

The Opportunity

We saw an opportunity to work with TOH to bring their framework and their education to a national audience via an online format that would make it accessible to all. This would allow us to bring greater quality improvement and innovation capacity to the health system, but also help TOH to be recognized for their own innovation and investments in this space.

A formal partnership was struck, and we began to work together on the conversion of the in-person curriculum into an expanded, interactive, online program, the Health Quality Innovation Program. In June of 2020, the program was officially launched.

About the Program

What makes the program unique?

  • It is founded on TOH’s framework which combines the best of LEAN, Six Sigma, The Model for Improvement and important leadership and teamwork skills to help individuals, teams and organizations solve quality and safety problems in a systematic way
  • The program is highly practical, with learners bringing a real quality or safety problem they want to solve and drawing on their learning experience as they work through it in the program. Learners will come away with valuable tools, resources, and a repeatable process
  • The program is supported by professional improvement coaches from The Ottawa Hospital and support learners as they work through their problem-solving and improvement process
  • The program is suitable for people working in any type of healthcare organization, at any role type or level. Physicians are eligible for Royal College or MainPro+ CPE credits.

Learn More

We are proud of our partnership with TOH as well as other organizations we have partnered with to build capacity across the system in important areas of need.

Learn more about the Health Quality Innovation Program.

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