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March is #NutritionMonth! 
CHA Learning is Celebrating Food Service & Nutrition Managers. 

Our theme is: 

Food Service & Nutrition Managers:  Unlimited Potential

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in Food Service or Nutrition Management!


CHA Learning, the professional development division of HealthCareCAN, is celebrating Nutrition Month this year by recognizing the unlimited potential for Food Service and Nutrition Managers that begins with education in Food Service and Nutrition Management.

Unlimited Potential

Unlimited potential for a Food Service and Nutrition Manager can mean many things such as important and meaningful contributions to patients or residents, to the positive impact on their staff and organization, to furthering their education and to career progression.


Congratulations to all our current and former students for making an excellent career choice and for supporting the health system in this field!

FSNM Professional Spotlight

Read how the field of Food Service & Nutrition Management

unlocked unlimited potential for these professionals!

Jessica Bertrand

"Taking the Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare program provided an edge when applying to food service roles."



Read Jessica's Spotlight and see how the FSNM program was one step in her education and its influence on her unlimited career and education potential!


Heidi Obstfeld-Adams

"There are no limits to how many different avenues this education can take you. The knowledge of nutrition, management, culinary skills – choose your own adventure with this education!"


Read Heidi's spotlight to discover how a career in Food Service and Nutrition Management helped her achieve her goal of making a meaningful impact on the lives of seniors!


Michael May

"We all make mistakes, this is part of learning and growing, let your mistakes help you grow rather
than discourage you!


Gain valuable insights into Michael's career progression and discover how his dedication to lifelong learning has contributed to his current success!


Penny Zdichavsky

"You’re never too old to learn.  Keeping your mind closed off to future possibilities does not allow you to grow."


Read Penny's spotlight to learn how  she leveraged online professional development to advance her career and become the CSNM President!

Marianne Katusin

"Effective leadership involves both flexibility and resilience. Being resilient means having the knowledge, skills and experience that can only be gained when you open your mind to learning."


Read about Marianne's exceptional leadership in Ontario's flourishing food service industry, and gain valuable insight into award-winning food projects that have led to positive change in the industry!


Unlock Unlimited Potential With the Most Flexible and Affordable Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare Program in Canada

The fully online Food Service & Nutrition Management in Healthcare Program (FSNM) at CHA Learning will prepare you to enter a field with unlimited potential - the field of Food Service & Nutrition Management. 

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Food Service & Nutrition Management in Healthcare Program (FSNM)

45 Years!

CHA Learning has been providing Food Service Management training to the health sector for more than 45 years. One of the longest running programs of its kind!


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Fully Accredited

The FSNM Program is fully accredited by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM).


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Quality Content

The FSNM Program is designed to create a practical, engaging experience that fully prepares students for a CSNM membership and a career in Food Service and Nutrition Management.


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Expert Faculty

The Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare Program offers direct access to expert faculty in each course to support learning.


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Food Service & Nutrition Management in Healthcare

What Our Students Have to Say

We’ve supported tens of thousands of alumni as they excel in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

“My experience with CHA Learning was great. As a mature student it was easy to navigate around and the program material was simple to read and understand, and your course professor is just an email away. I would highly recommend anyone to take any online course offered.”   

— Christine M.

“sources whereas high standards in web readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.”

Luke SmithLuke SmithCEO & Founder odx
“As a Red Seal certified cook this program has helped me to shift my skills from the practical components of cooking into the subtler arts of management. I believe that this course will help me to be an effective leader in any food service department.” 
— Joshua C.

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