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Marianne Katusin

Director, Support Services
Halton Healthcare
Oakville, Ontario

As a former student & graduate of the CHA Learning’s Food & Nutrition Management program,
I have been fortunate to have various roles in Healthcare Food Service. The program provided me with the required knowledge, skills and practical learning experience to excel in food service procurement, food systems management and operational food service management. The ability to apply my knowledge and learning to day-to-day operations has been extremely valuable. The potential opportunities are unlimited in our industry!





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Marianne Katusin Spotlight:

In addition to my faculty role at CHA Learning, I am the Director of Support Services at Halton Healthcare – in Oakville, Ontario. In this role, I am responsible for Patient Food Services, Environmental Services, Portering, Waste & Linen and the Support Services Call Centre.

Halton Healthcare is comprised of three community hospitals: Georgetown Hospital, Milton District Hospital and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. These hospitals care for more than 325,000 residents and serve more than half a million patient meals a year with a commitment to providing “exemplary patient experiences, always.” Championing the procurement and use of fresh, locally grown foods, my Food Service has led change across Ontario’s food services industry by partnering with a network of Ontario food manufacturers and producers. This partnership has been instrumental in developing new nutritious food options for hospital menus and providing patients with personalized meal delivery options, including the award-winning “Call to Order Room Service” program.

I have worked in healthcare for 30 years in various roles. I was proud to be the project lead for Halton Healthcare’s award-winning “Good for you…Locally Grown” project, recognized by the Greenbelt Fund for putting more Ontario grown and produced foods on hospital menus. My education includes a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Administration & Information Management, a Diploma in Food & Nutrition Management from CHA Learning, the Lean Healthcare Green Belt and a Certificate in Project Management for Health & Social Services. I am also an active member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management.

A little More About Marianne:

What is one question you asked before starting your career (or your specific work environment/field)

Will this career choice give me a sense of purpose and allow for endless opportunities to grow both personally and professionally?

What were some of the challenges you faced starting out in your career and how did you overcome them?

I graduated from university at the age of 21. I had worked in a hospital kitchen for several years as a student. When I graduated, I was given an opportunity to progress to a leadership position in the department. The biggest challenge for me was the transition from “co-worker” to “Manager.” It was important for me to ensure my team understood that I was there to support their efforts and ensure they had the tools required to do their jobs. The ability to build trust and collaboration as a leader was integral to my success in my first Manager role.

What skill/knowledge did you gain from CHA Learning that has been most beneficial to you in your field?

The hands-on experience gained through the field placements was invaluable. The ability to learn and partner with existing Supervisors and Managers in the industry provided me with the relevant skills, and confidence to adapt to changing environments. I was challenged to think outside of the box and approach problem solving independently. The field placements were not just an experience, they provided me with tangible skills to help me build my career as a leader in the healthcare industry.

What is the most meaningful part of your career?

Earning success means committing yourself to hard work, a great attitude, and dedication. The most meaningful part of my career is that I have the ability to make an impact.  The important thing to recognize is that we are all different. As a leader, I have to give my time, listen without judgement, share my knowledge, communicate openly and focus on supportive, positive relationships. This empowers me to be committed to our teams.

How do you make room to continue to learn while working/leading/living?

Knowledge transfer and giving back to my industry is very important to me. As an instructor, I am able to influence and impact the success of a student’s learning journey. I am passionate about my role with CHA Learning. The ability to share knowledge and mentor a new Manager is rewarding. We make time for what is important to us.

As the sector evolves, what new areas are emerging/will emerge that further illustrate the unlimited potential for Food Service and Nutrition Managers?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented changes to our lives and our work as Food Service & Nutrition Managers.

The ability to adapt to change, challenge the status quo and take risks in how we provide food service to our patients is essential. There is a strong interest in sustainability and reducing environmental impacts. The demand for innovation in the food industry and the way we deliver service has increased. There is a need to offer different taste profiles, cultural products and unique product attributes. As Food Service & Nutrition Managers, we have the ability to be transformational leaders in the industry. We can build on the collaborative relationships we have with industry partners and impact the patient meal experience in a positive way.


The Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare (FSNM) program enhances students’ knowledge of and performance in areas including food service, business, human resources management, quality management, and nutrition and diet therapy. CHA Learning has been providing Food Service Management training to the health sector for more than 45 years.

FSNM is designed for (but not limited to) individuals with experience in healthcare or food services in front-line, entry level management or supervisory positions.

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“My experience with CHA Learning was great. As a mature student it was easy to navigate around and the program material was simple to read and understand, and your course professor is just an email away. I would highly recommend anyone to take any online course offered.”
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