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Jessica Bertrand

Jessica Bertrand
Faculty Instructor, Course 5 – Clinical Nutrition
CHA Learning / HealthCare CAN


Role/Partnership with CHA Learning: 

Jessica is the Faculty Instructor for Course 5 (Clinical Nutrition) for CHA Learning’s Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare Program

Website: CHA Learning FSNM 


Jessica Bertrand’s Spotlight:

I have been a Registered Dietitian for six years, with experience in hospital, university and long-term care settings. After high school, I took a food service and nutrition management course and enjoyed it so much I decided to continue furthering my education. This led me to taking the Applied Human Nutrition program and then a Masters of Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph. I also took additional training in food safety and food allergy management to improve my knowledge in these areas while working in foodservice environments.

I have always been drawn to food service, and have worked in this field for over 15 years as a dietary aid, server, cook, customer support associate, research assistant and more.

My path was not straightforward! It started with an interest in gastrointestinal illnesses that my family members were diagnosed with and understanding how certain foods helped and hurt them. The Food and Nutrition Management program was an excellent foundation, and provided an advantage when applying to roles. After I completed my education and became a Registered Dietitian, I landed a dream job at Queen’s University, as the Wellness and Sustainability Manager for Hospitality Services. In this role, I supported students on the meal plan and provided education to the campus community.

Throughout my journey, I stayed open to opportunities, so one decision led to the next. That would be my one piece of advice: take and find different opportunities to continue learning! Whether that’s a new role you find interesting or a new task or committee in your organization. You will learn new skills and gain knowledge from each opportunity that will lend a hand later.

A little More About Jessica:

What is one question you wished you asked before starting your career (or your specific work environment/field)

What gives you energy and makes you excited? I have learned along my school and career journey that different settings and projects gave me an energy that pushed me to do my best. Noticing what excites you and energizes you in each role will help you seek out future opportunities and experiences that give you the same feeling.

What were some of the challenges you faced starting out in your career and how did you overcome them?

After graduating from the Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare program, I did find it difficult to find a management position right away without any management experience. By gaining experience in different areas, and letting my superiors know I was interested in learning more, I later found the right fit!

What skill/knowledge did you gain from CHA Learning that has been most beneficial to you in your field?

My Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare diploma gave me additional, hands on experience with managing in a foodservice environment. As I continued my education and experiences, I found that this gave me an edge compared to other applicants for foodservice roles.

What is the most meaningful part of your career?

I love helping others learn! I feel energized and excited to share information with others and help them excel in a new area. Working as a faculty member currently with CHA Learning, and in the past at Queen’s University, I love working with students. I went to school for a long period, so I understand the ups and downs that can come with it. I find it meaningful to support students in their learning journey and help them succeed.

How do you make room to continue to learn while working/leading/living?

I am always open to learning, so I say yes to different opportunities that come my way. If my organization asks for people to participate in a committee or project, I try to sign up. I learn as much as I can from colleagues, subscribe to reputable articles, and watch educational videos available through my college (College of Dietitians) and employer.

As the sector evolves, what new areas are emerging/will emerge that further illustrate the unlimited potential for Food Service and Nutrition Managers?

I have already seen a lot of evolution in the world of nutrition managers. People are talking about food more than ever with how it impacts our health and the part it plays in many diseases. Understanding the impact of food on health requires interest and dedication to sort out the misinformation from the research-based information. More and more businesses are investing in these individuals!


The Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare (FSNM) program enhances students’ knowledge of and performance in areas including food service, business, human resources management, quality management, and nutrition and diet therapy. CHA Learning has been providing Food Service Management training to the health sector for more than 45 years.

FSNM is designed for (but not limited to) individuals with experience in healthcare or food services in front-line, entry level management or supervisory positions.

To learn more about our Food Service in Nutrition Management Program, click the link below to visit the program page.


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“My experience with CHA Learning was great. As a mature student it was easy to navigate around and the program material was simple to read and understand, and your course professor is just an email away. I would highly recommend anyone to take any online course offered.”
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