Achieving Balance in the Food Service
& Nutrition Manager Role

Brittany Touchette

Manager, Food Linen, and Environmental Services
Rural South Zone
Alberta Health Services

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About Brittany Touchette

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My name is Brittany Touchette and I am currently a Manager for Food, Linen, and Environmental Services with Alberta Health Services. I am from a small rural town in southern Alberta with few career opportunities unless you are in the agriculture sector. I had spent a couple summers working as a cook at the local golf course and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in the food industry. The Milk River Health Centre Food Services department just made sense!

I started working as a front line Foodservice Worker and Cook with AHS when I was 16. I eventually moved to Lethbridge and got a similar position working for Covenant Health, and five years later I made the decision to move back to Milk River and go back to school to turn the job I love into a career. I enrolled in the Nutrition Manager Program through Bow Valley College and completed my studies in 2018. After an internship at the Chinook Regional Hospital, I took a role doing administrative support at the site. A couple months later, a rural supervisor position came up on the job board, and that was when I could put my schooling to use and start in my first leadership role. In July 2022, I felt that I was ready to pursue the next step in my career. When my former manager’s role became available, I was eager to apply and take the next step in my career. Thankfully, I got the job! It has been incredible to progress from the bottom up and learn about the organization that I am so proud to work for.

My aspirations, honestly, have been to achieve this role. It has been a busy year and a half of continuous growth and learning, I still have a lot to learn in this position before I set my goals elsewhere. I am a firm believer of taking the opportunity to become fully competent in one role before jumping to the next, it makes for a more well-rounded set of skills.

As for future professional goals; I would love to work with a provincial program to increase the scope of support that I may be able to provide. With knowledge comes the ability to advise others, with my years of experience in many food service roles, I truly feel that I can provide value for those starting in the industry.

Achieving Balance in Food Service and Nutrition Management:
In Conversation With Brittany Touchette

Brittany Touchette reveals her journey to achieving balance in the fast-paced environment of Food Service and Nutrition Management. From her small-town start to her role as Manager, Food Linen and Environmental Services at Alberta Health Services, discover her secrets to success.


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