Who We Are

CHA Learning is the professional development division of HealthCareCAN, and Canada’s only national, fully online healthcare learning provider. For over 70 years, our programs and courses have helped tens of thousands of health professionals from across Canada to be successful in their careers.

Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit corporation and a registered charity healthcare learning organization and our mission is to empower health professionals with the knowledge, skills and relationships to lead health system improvement. Ultimately, we serve the health system and its people.

Our Programs

A trusted national leader, CHA Learning’s programs are designed and delivered in partnership with industry experts—ensuring the most up-to-date, relevant learning available. Students gain knowledge and skills within an online, collaborative, flexible learning environment on topics including: health leadership and management, long-term care, quality improvement and patient safety, food service management, and health information management.

Our Parent Organization: HealthCareCAN

CHA Learning is a division of HealthCareCAN, the national voice of healthcare organizations and hospitals across Canada. Our goal is to improve the health of Canadians through an evidence-based and innovative healthcare system based on the needs identified by the healthcare community of practice across Canada. Find out more.


HealthCareCAN Members

Members of HealthCareCAN receive exclusive benefits from CHA Learning including special group discounts for staff enrolments. Contact us to learn more or determine if your organization is a member here.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated and supportive staff who support our programs, learners and faculty here.

Our Faculty

CHA Learning’s faculty are experienced healthcare professionals who are committed to lifelong learning and enjoy helping others learn and grow. Our faculty coach and support learners as they move through the content and apply their learning in their own environment. Learn more about our faculty and how to join us.

Advisory Committees

CHA Learning represents and supports the needs of the health system. We ensure that stakeholders from across HealthCareCAN members and others in the health system are represented when we develop new programs or identify unmet needs. One of the ways we engage stakeholders is through our advisory committees.

Standing Committees

Some of our larger programs, such as our Health Information Management Program and our Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare Program have ongoing advisory committees that meet regularly. Those committees are made up of employers, subject matter experts and other stakeholders from whom we seek input and advice to ensure our programs are meeting their needs and maintaining a high caliber of curriculum and instruction at all times. We strive to ensure that these committees represent all the important perspectives and organizations we serve and who employ our graduates.

Short-Term Advisory Committees and Individuals

When CHA Learning develops new programs, we consult with advisors and stakeholders across Canada. Sometimes that involves setting up formal advisory committees short-term. Examples include our advisory committee on Infection Prevention and Control in Long-Term Care – a committee examining the learning needs of management staff in long-term care. An example of a decentralized approach to advising was in the development of our People-Centred Care Leadership Program in which case we met with patient partners and system experts across Canada individually to gather their important input and feedback on our curriculum and the resources included.

The Health Human Resources Advisory Committee

The greatest resource in Canada’s healthcare system is its people. The HealthCareCAN Health Human Resources Advisory Committee (HHRAC) unites healthcare People and Culture leaders from across Canada in a national network to provide critical advocacy and strategic direction and counsel on policy issues based on the health sector’s needs as well as advice for future leadership and development programs to be offered by CHA Learning. Read the committee’s initial 2021 discussion paper here.

If you are interested in joining an advisory committee in a specific subject area, contact us.