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Employers/Healthcare Organizations

CHA Learning works not only with individual learners, but with healthcare organizations looking to train staff in any of our areas of program delivery. With our mandate of supporting health system improvement and our HealthCareCAN members’ success, we can support teams to learn effectively together and advance their knowledge and skills consistently and with hands-on application to their unique environment.

Organizations can register any number of staff in our programs, including individuals. We are proud to offer group discounts for both member and non-member organizations. Please check our member listing to identify if your organization is a member of HealthCareCAN.

We also offer professional services and coaching as well, described below.


Group Discounts

Non-Member Group Discounts*HealthCareCAN Member Discounts*
2 people0%5%
3-4 people0%10%
5-9 people5%12.5%
10-15 people7.5%15%
16-20 people10%20%
21-25 people12.5%25%
For larger teams, or to discuss organizational solutions, closed cohorts or other customizations, connect with one of our program directors for a strategic conversation and to discuss other potential team and group learning solutions. Click Here to contact us. You may also call us directly at +1 855 236 0213, ext #1.
*These rates may not be applied to or used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts. Member discounts can only be applied when the organization is paying the enrolments. Terms and conditions apply.


Customized Learning

CHA Learning works with organizations to develop customized learning solutions to meet your team’s specific needs. We’re happy to meet with you to discuss this and put a learning plan together in collaboration with you.


Cohort-based learning

If you are enrolling as a group, we also offer ‘closed cohort’ study for no additional fee. This allows a team to move through the program together and provides privacy to discuss complex, confidential issues amongst the group. It also fosters an environment of encouragement and support as the group works through the material together.

As an alternative to the closed cohort option, a group may prefer to enrol in the open-program. This will foster a sense of community for those in the group as they learn alongside others from across Canada who are similarly striving to make improvements in health care.

To take advantage of group discounts or discuss your team’s training needs please contact us by email at: chalearning@healthcarecan.ca or give us a call at (toll free): 855-236-0213, Option 1.


Coaching & Professional Services

CHA Learning is proud to offer leadership, professional, individual, team and group coaching.

Maximize your team’s potential through coaching. Coaching inspires people to accelerate learning and growth at any point in their career. In a safe, structured and engaging environment, coaching provides the space for participants to open untapped strengths, leadership skills, productivity and relationship skills. The benefits will be seen at the individual, team and organizational levels; as you shift and grow, those around you are impacted for the better. We can arrange an initial free consultation to discuss your team’s coaching needs.

Learn more here.


Job Postings

CHA Learning hosts a job board for healthcare employers wishing to advertise with us and reach thousands of learners and graduates. Jobs can be posted for roles that relate to our program areas, such as Health Information Management, Food Service & Nutrition Management, Long-Term Care Management. View our program areas or submit a job posting. You can view our job board with current postings here.

Employers looking to recruit individuals to train through CHA Learning programs for hard to recruit positions may be eligible for free postings and support.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.