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Why Individual Coaching?

CHA Learning’s Individual Coaching Services provide a safe and courageous space for people to process and act on the challenges faced at work and in life.  

You will be more able to be your ideal self and act towards creating the compelling future you want. Coaching empowers you to enhance your best qualities, increase awareness of what needs to change, take action to leverage your strengths, and minimize the impact of your shadows while achieving organizational goals and improving the culture. This enhances wellness for all employees because as you shift and grow, the way others experience you also shifts.

Coaching is most effective for those who want coaching – individuals looking for growth and development. Those who are committed to the growth process and are willing to be honest with themselves to take a bold look within and learn who they truly are – the dark parts they have been unable to peek at and the brilliant strengths within. 


Individual Coaching Package Information 

Individual coaching packages include:  

  • Clifton Strengths Assessment with an individualized report provided by Gallup and a more detailed report provided by the coach (valued at $28 USD) 
  • One-hour individual sessions (multi-session packages available), scheduled personally between you and your coach
  • Occasional ‘just in time’ access to your coach for urgent situational coaching as needed
  • If desired, a mid-way ‘check-in’ conversation with the coach, client and the person the client reports to, to share success and progress
  • Homework assignments from the coach to facilitate and deepen insights and learning
  • Tools, resources and/or other assessments as deemed useful for growth and development


Individual coaching sessions are 1:1 with the coach of your choice for 60 minutes.

We offer both pay-as-you-go and package pricing to suit different needs. After a free consultation with Amanda, you can determine the package that suits your needs best. Contact us to book a consultation and register.


How do I start?

Please contact us to set up a free consultation with the lead coach, Amanda Bjorn. After your consultation, you can determine the package & individual coach that suits your needs best.

You will be required to set up an account as part of purchasing your package. Once registered for the package of your choice, you will be enrolled in the coaching hub on our learning management system called Brightspace, which will house common resources and getting started information. You will be connected with your chosen coach and from there, you can schedule your first meeting with them directly.


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Our Individual Coaches

Each of our coaches has a unique background and expertise to help you or your team excel.
Review the biographies and personal videos below to find the coach that is the right fit for your needs.


Amanda Björn, ACC

Amanda is a Business Coaching Advantage Certified Coach™ and a Registered Corporate Coach™ with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. A former Occupational Therapist and the former EVP, People, Culture and Strategy at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, she has spent her 20+ year career working in health care.

Learn more about Amanda


Mandy McMahan, PhD, CPsych

Mandy is a Business Coaching Advantage Practitioner™ through People Dynamics Learning Group Inc. As a Psychologist with managerial and executive leadership experience in the not-for-profit, public, and private health sectors, Mandy is passionate about bringing together diversity of thought, perspectives, and experiences to facilitate innovation and excellence.

Learn more about Mandy


Kelly Meservia Collins

Kelly is a Business Coaching Advantage Practitioner™ through People Dynamics Learning Group Inc. She has 13 years of progressive experience in health care education leadership and a background in Applied Social Psychology. She advocates for system and social change in health care and uses simulation and transformational learning to create spaces for critical dialogue, professional growth, and quality improvement.

Learn more about Kelly


Donna Jeanpierre

Donna is a Business Coaching Advantage Practitioner and a Registered Corporate Coach™ with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Donna has lived and worked in Ireland, France, and Belgium. For the past ten years, Donna has worked at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre with the Communications and Engagement team, then as Manager of Volunteer Services, as well as providing service as an internal coach.

Learn more about Donna


Tracie Smith

Tracie Smith is known for the energy and positivity she brings to the table. For 15 years, Tracie worked at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, the last ten as a member of the senior leadership team. She was most recently a Director of Strategic Initiatives and Engagement for the City of Thunder Bay. Tracie is a champion of psychological safety in any work space, and continuously focuses on cultivating positive culture and supporting people to flourish. Tracie was drawn to coaching as a way to help other leaders to thrive. She continues to share her skills and expertise as a coach and facilitator.

Learn more about Tracie


Aileen Edwards, MA, ACC

Aileen is the founder and CEO of AME Consulting & Leadership Coaching and draws on a range of models and frameworks in bringing about transformational change. She role models good Human Resources practices and works with a range of clients and organizations. She is most happy working with clients at all levels who want to make changes to move forward in their career and personal lives, and with organizations on strategic planning, succession planning and leadership development.

Learn more about Aileen

Coaching Quick FAQ

  • What if I finish my package and want to purchase more sessions?
    • Individuals can purchase more sessions by coming to this page, clicking the ‘register’ button and purchasing another package of choice 
    • Groups and teams, please speak to your coach who will ask CHA Learning to prepare a new invoice for another package

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