Achieving Balance in the Food Service
& Nutrition Manager Role

Ami Whitlock

Registered Dietitian
Scarborough, Ontario

“I’ve always had an interest in nutrition, food, and management. As I studied and worked in the industry, my interest and desire to continue in the field increased. What motivates me to remain in the Food Service and Nutrition Management field is that it is a busy profession, you are learning all the time, I don’t think there is a typical day. The clients and the people that I work with also motivate me. I thrive on helping and leading, and this profession definitely provides an opportunity for both.”



About Ami Whitlock


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Ami began her food and nutrition career 20 years ago as a dietary aide (and occasionally filling in for the food service supervisor) at two long term care facilities while studying for a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics (now Food and Nutrition) at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). Working as a dietary aide and supervisor solidified her desire and passion to further pursue her studies and prepare for a career in the food and nutrition management field.

Upon graduation from UPEI, she went on to complete a Dietetic Internship at the Ottawa Hospital and completed all entrance requirements to become a Registered Dietitian (RD).

Since becoming an RD, Ami has worked in many roles including:

  • Food service supervisor/manager
  • Director of food and environmental services
  • General manager of support services
  • Clinical dietitian
  • Auditor
  • Independent dietitian consultant
  • Various corporate support roles with various organizations.
  • Educational Consultant for the CHA FSNM Program
  • Program manager for CHA FSNM Program
  • Teaching food and nutrition management at a community college (she also has a certificate in Teacher/Trainer of Adults)
  • Teaching at an adult day/continuing education school

In 2013, Ami decided to further her education. She entered teachers’ college at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), and graduated with a Bachelor of Education. At present, Ami currently teaches high school and continues to work as a registered dietitian on a casual basis.

Achieving Balance in Food Service and Nutrition Management:
In Conversation With Ami Whitlock

Uncover the secrets to Achieving Balance in the Food Service & Nutrition Manager Role with Ami’s inspiring story. From her early days as a dietary aide to her impactful work as a Registered Dietitian and educator, learn how Ami has navigated her diverse roles with grace and effectiveness.



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