Supporting individuals and teams to become their most authentic, effective selves.

CHA Learning offers a series of coaching and professional services for individuals, groups and teams to enhance leadership potential, team effectiveness, skills and knowledge and culture.

We can work with you and your team to provide high-quality, personalized and effective learning and growth solutions, based on our decades of experience in the healthcare learning space.

Coaching Services

Maximize your own or your team’s potential through coaching. Coaching inspires people to accelerate learning and growth at any point in their career. In a safe, structured and engaging environment, coaching provides the space for participants to open untapped strengths, leadership skills, productivity and relationship skills. The benefits will be seen at the individual, team and organizational levels; as you shift and grow, those around you are impacted for the better.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides a safe and courageous space for people to process and act on the challenges faced at work and in life.

Coaching empowers you to enhance your best qualities, increase awareness of what needs to change, take action to leverage your strengths, and minimize the impact of your shadows while achieving organizational goals and improving the culture.

Individual Coaching can be used for leadership development, succession planning, helping individuals cope with change and uncertainty, and evoking learning and transformation. The coach can help you identify your specific goals. Individual coaching:

  • Accelerates and empowers learning, growth and development for high-performing individuals
  • Catalyzes self-learning, reflection, and immediate action
  • Develops and maximizes leadership potential

Learn more about our individual coaching packages or get in touch to speak to a coach about your needs.


Individual Coaching Services


Team & Group Coaching

Team Coaching can be used to help teams cope with change, build relationships, strengthen connections because of remote work or turnover, cope with stress, and enhance performance. The team coach can help you identify your needs and the team coaching approaches to achieve your team goals.

Team coaching:

  • Propels the team forward by identifying challenges and creating solutions for improvement
  • Evokes self and team learning
  • Fosters psychological safety within the team
  • Helps the team cope with change and ambiguity
  • Creates a forum to discuss team dynamics
  • Explores specific team concerns and issues to gain multiple perspectives
  • Forges new support networks
  • Builds professional and personal resilience together
  • Builds the base for more significant equity, diversity and inclusion in teams
  • Strategically enhances the climate and culture of the organization

Group Coaching can help professionals with similar roles grow and develop, solve complex challenges together, discuss the emotional aspects of work and problem solve together.

Group coaching:

  • Provides a structured forum for individuals to support each other
  • Promotes systems and strategic thinking
  • Increases professional development
  • Shares intelligence across silos and enables broader learning
  • Encourages peer consultation and enhances collaboration
  • Deepens trust and cooperation across departments as members gain an understanding of issues, motivations and intentions of others outside of their department

Learn more about our team and group coaching packages or get in touch to speak to a coach about your needs.


Team and Group Coaching Services



Customized Learning Solutions

We can work with organizations and teams on small or large-scale customized learning plans and solutions. We will work with you to assess the needs and objectives, and bring our expertise and relationships with subject matter experts to help your team learn and grow together.

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Cohort-Based Learning

Teams and groups can enrol in our open access programs and courses while learning with others across Canada. In addition, we can set up closed-cohort options where teams and groups have access to our high-quality learning in a private environment. Here they can engage, share and learn together, and apply their learnings to your organization’s unique context, strengths and challenges.

We will tailor curriculum and delivery to suit your team’s needs, including facilitated sessions and customized applied assignments

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