It’s never too late to begin again. And never too late to learn new things and experiences.

—Angela Tubale


Community Spotlight

Each month, we profile a special member of our community: a student, alumni, faculty member, or partner. Check out this month’s inspiring story below.

Angela Tubale

Patient Administrative Associate
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre & North York General Hospital

Role/partnership with CHA Learning:

Recent graduate of Health Information Management
Current student/ scholar for Coding Specialist Program

Website: Sunnybrook Hospital | North York General
Social Media: LinkedIn
Location: Toronto, Ontario


Angela Tubale is the recipient of the CHA Learning HIM Graduating Student of the Year Award which has been renamed the Kerry Johnson Academic Excellence Award in honour of one of our longest-standing faculty members. This award bestows honour to the student who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance combined with an exceptional final practicum project and evidence of leadership and professionalism. 

We are pleased to award Angela with the Kerry Johnson Academic Excellence Award and delighted to showcase her as our October, 2022 Community Spotlight. 


In Angela Tubale’s Words 

I came in 2007 to Canada as an International Medical Graduate from the Philippines with the hopes of pursuing Medicine, but life took a turn and shifted my priorities from career to family. Fast forward to the present time – I found myself clamouring for a change in my personal life and professional setting and had stumbled on an opportunity to embark on a Health Information Management path. My hopes [to work in healthcare] were re-ignited but in a different light. 

I must say, it wasn’t easy in the beginning as I had been away from an academic setting for so long. Working almost full-time hours and raising a family of 2 kids, it was definitely not a walk in the park! Fortunately, CHA Learning has faculty and staff that are very receptive and supportive, making the hardships and challenges of professional development bearable. I found that I actually enjoyed the experience! 

In my current work roles I coordinate patient admissions, transfers and discharges, diagnostic tests and transportations. I also make arrangements to ensure unit staffing requirements are met, and I manage payroll for employees. 

I aspire to share my knowledge and skills to the best hospitals and companies in Canada in the department of decision support, or the Canadian Institute of Health Information as a researcher or encoder. Through the scholarship program (Coding Specialist) that I have been awarded, I hope to contribute more to innovations in health care in the near future. 


A Little More About Angela:

What is something you have accomplished or worked on that you are proud of? 

I am proud to be a wife (husband: Christopher) and mother of 2 beautiful daughters (Psalm, 12 and Sophia 10) who bring joy and contentment in my life.

Who do you admire in healthcare and why? 

I have been working with a lot of healthcare workers and I am still in awe of the nurses’ dedication to their profession. I always tell them that it takes a special person to do what they do. They are truly the unsung heroes of our times. 

What would you want someone to know entering CHA Learning’s Health Information Management Program? 

Preparation is always key – there is no such thing as “over” prepared. Ask questions if you need to – somebody probably has the same question but too scared to ask. Share your thoughts – you might be able to spark a good discussion. 

How do you make room for continuing to learn while working/leading/living? 

I set a plan to balance my home, work, and school time. There are moments that seem challenging, but I just kept pushing. It helps to have a supportive network at home and at work to keep myself in check while I toil on the rigors of studying. 

What are the best ways that leaders/colleagues can support other leaders/colleagues, whether within the same organization or different organizations? 

Scheduling regular meetings to share learned experiences and their expertise to the group, performing techniques such as inter- department benchmarking, and empowering each other to build good rapport and a safe place to provide feedback (both positive and negative) are I think some of the best ways to support each other. 

What are some of your favourite hobbies outside of work/professional development? 

I do enjoy long walks with the family and our dog, Jarvis. I have run two 10K races in the past and strive to train for a full or half marathon before I turn 50.  

I love to make food, dream to travel more and wish to spend some quiet time to catch up on my list of books to read.