CHA Learning’s faculty are experienced healthcare professionals who are committed to lifelong learning and enjoy assisting others in this process. While not teachers in the traditional sense, faculty provide regular and consistent contact with students by giving guidance, providing feedback on assessments, sharing resources of interest and fostering engagement through online discussions. They engage learners in groups and through one-to-one coaching by direct communication. In some programs, learners can select the faculty member that is the best fit for them; biographies are available for review at the time of enrolment.

What does a faculty member do?
The role of the faculty may vary slightly between programs, however, generally, faculty will:

  • Establish a positive relationship with their students by exchanging background information and connecting with them early on and throughout the program;
  • Coach, support and guide students as they proceed through their program;
  • Provide ongoing specific feedback to students for each assessment or practical activity;
  • Foster engagement, collaboration and success;
  • Provide CHA Learning with feedback and suggestions for enhancements to the program.

What are the requirements for becoming a faculty member?
The following lists some general guidelines for becoming a CHA Learning faculty member. Faculty must:

  • Be a healthcare professional with proven expertise in one of our program areas. You will be asked to submit a current resume and will be interviewed if your credentials are a match and we have a current need.
  • Have a baccalaureate degree (preferred) for Management and Leadership Programs; a combination of education and experience will be considered for fit.
  • Make a minimum commitment of one calendar year (January – December) or commit to supporting students until they complete their program of study. Faculty will be asked to sign a Professional Services Agreement with CHA Learning.

Why would I want to be a CHA Learning Faculty Member?
Faculty enjoy the personal and professional development of working with, mentoring and learning from CHA Learning students who themselves are healthcare professionals. They are dedicated to sharing what they have learned with others who are also interested in lifelong learning.

Faculty are eligible for large discounts on our programs, should they wish to pursue additional professional development with us.

Members of the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) who serve as faculty for CHA Learning’s Health Information Management (HIM) program receive 1 credit per student per year (maximum 5 credits per year) to be applied toward CHIMA’s mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program. Others may be eligible for professional maintenance credits and should inquire with professional associations or colleges.

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