CHA Learning is the professional development division of HealthCareCAN. Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page contains a list of commonly asked questions and answers. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with one of our caring and knowledgeable team members.

General Questions about CHA Learning

  • Who is CHA Learning?

    CHA Learning is the professional development division of HealthCareCAN, and Canada’s only online healthcare learning provider for all Canadians. We are a not-for-profit corporation and a registered charity healthcare learning organization, largely funded by Canada’s publicly funded healthcare organizations (our Members).

    As a reputable learning provider for over 70 years, we are proud to have supported tens of thousands health professionals in their professional development to enhance their success in their health leadership careers. Many of our learners return for further learning and frequently recommend us to others.

    You can learn more about us on our Who We Are page and our Why Choose CHA Learning page.

  • What makes you different from other healthcare learning providers?

    We are not a traditional or publicly funded post-secondary institution. Rather, CHA Learning was created by healthcare organizations (employers) to fill relevant, pragmatic, just-in-time training needs – and do it innovatively and affordably so that Canadians everywhere would have access to high-quality, necessary education. We take our advice and direction from healthcare organizations, our members, and the health industry as a whole, not from governments.

    This is why we understand the needs and challenges of our learners, most of which are mature professionals committed to further developing their knowledge and skills.

    We partner with leading industry experts to ensure our programs and courses address the most current, relevant issues that Canadian health professionals face today and we provide training in a flexible, online, collaborative environment that respects the need to balance learning with work and home life. learner.

    We pride ourselves on providing outstanding, friendly, and caring service to our learners and other stakeholders. Learn more on our Why Choose CHA Learning page.

  • Do you offer support to people while they are learning?

    Yes! Our team’s primary objective is for our learners to be successful in their programs and to help them create positive and lasting change in the health system. Our team is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Eastern Time, by email and phone. Faculty are also often available outside of our regular business hours. Our service standard is to respond to inquiries within 2 business days.

  • Do the programs have instructors/faculty?

    All of our programs and most of our courses have faculty who support learners throughout their studies. In most cases, learners can select the faculty member at the time of enrolment.

  • Who are your faculty?

    Our faculty members are experts in their fields and come from the health system across Canada. Most of them work in the health system in their ‘day jobs’ and work as faculty with us on a part-time or casual basis. We pride ourselves on working with foremost experts, leaders, and passionate professionals who genuinely care about the advancement of our learners. Faculty biographies are available on the program enrolment pages so you can learn more before you register.

  • What kind of support do faculty provide?

    In most of our programs and courses, faculty members act as coaches rather than as instructors. Our programs are designed to be self-paced, self-directed and learner-centred. In most cases, learners can choose the faculty member they want to be assigned to. Faculty are available to learners individually to answer questions, provide guidance and support, and mark and provide feedback on assessments to enrich the learning experience.

  • What are your business hours for support?

    Our team in Ottawa is available 8am-5pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. We endeavour to respond to all inquiries in 2 business days or less. We can be reached at chalearning@healthcarecan.ca or 1-855-236-0213 ext. 1

  • How often do you launch new programs and courses?

    Typically, we launch 1-2 new offerings each year while continuing to maintenance and update our other courses. We always endeavour to develop and launch programs and courses that are relevant and needed within the health system. We welcome feedback from our learners and partners about learning gaps or program needs.

Common Program Questions

  • What will I get when I graduate?

    All graduates of CHA Learning programs and courses will receive a “Certificate of Completion”.

  • Will I be required to be online on certain days or times?

    No, in most cases our programs and courses are completely asynchronous, meaning you learn when and where it best suits you. There may be live opportunities for interaction or learning, but those are not mandatory. The only exception is in the case of our Health Information Management students which have fixed exam dates/times.

  • Are there admission requirements or prerequisites?

    Some of our programs and courses have admission requirements or prerequisites. Check the program pages for details.

  • Some programs specify I must be working in healthcare or have healthcare experience. How is that defined?

    Healthcare experience is defined as having worked in any role in any type of healthcare organization. This can sometimes include volunteer experience. Some programs require specific types of experience, so please check the program page, or contact us to discuss your experience and we can advise you if you meet the criteria.

    This requirement isn’t intended to exclude learners but rather set them for success.

  • Will I get a job after graduation?

    Our programs are intended to be professional development offerings. This means that they will enhance your skills and knowledge to do your current job better or advance your career.

    However, most of our programs are not vocational in nature (except our Health Information Management and Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare Programs). This means we can’t promise that they will lead to a new or better job, but they will certainly better enable you to succeed.

  • I don’t live in Canada. Can I take your programs?

    Our programs are open and, in most cases, appropriate for people outside of Canada.

    Contact us to discuss your program of interest and we can advise you of any special requirements or restrictions. In some cases, previous international education must be formally assessed for Canadian equivalency. International tuition fees will apply for those outside of Canada.

  • Do you evaluate your programs? How can I share my feedback?

    Absolutely. Every program includes at least end-point surveys so learners can share feedback and perspectives on their learning and our programs, services and faculty.

    We also love to hear personally from our learners at any point in your studies – you can share feedback, suggestions, or questions with your program coordinator, faculty or the Program Director at any time.

  • What if I can’t complete my program in the allotted time?

    In most programs, extensions are available for purchase. Please see our administrative fees page for more details. If you’re not sure what length of extension you may require or would like to discuss your personal circumstances, your program coordinator is available to contact and to discuss the best plan for you.

  • What if something happens in my life that requires me to take a break from studies? Is a postponement possible?

    Yes, we fully understand that “life happens.” As such, we do offer postponements in most of our programs and courses.

    It’s always best to have a conversation with your program coordinator to determine the best plan for your unique situation. You can also read about postponements and associated fees on this page.

Tuition & Fees

  • Can I pay my tuition in installments?

    All CHA Learning programs and courses require pre-payment. The good news is that we keep our fees low so that they are as affordable as possible.

  • How long does it take to process my payment and get access to my program?

    In most cases, you will have access to program materials within 30 minutes of payment. The only exceptions are in cases where a formal application is approved, or where courses run on specific dates.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes, we offer discounts for groups from the same organization, and which are generally employer-funded.

    Members of our parent association, HealthCareCAN, are eligible for a higher level of discount.

    Our group discount information can be found here and you can check our member listing here.

  • Once I have graduated, do you offer a discount for subsequent learning?

    Yes, we offer a 10% discount to graduates of our programs. Single courses (as part of programs) and short courses are not eligible. Contact us for your discount code.

  • Are your programs eligible for government loans (e.g., OSAP)?

    Because CHA Learning programs and courses are not publicly funded, they are not generally eligible for public funding (i.e., government loans). You can contact your local government authority to discuss.

    In some cases, learners seek private funding for their training instead. As a non-profit organization, we try to keep our fees as low as possible so that they are already more affordable compared to other learning institutions.

  • Do you offer special rates or admission tracks for mature learners?

    Since most of our learners are mature learners (working professionals), we do not offer additional discounts or rates. Our admission requirements already take into consideration that applicants are mature, working adults.

  • What if I change my mind? What’s your refund policy?

    Depending on the program, how long after you have enrolled, and whether you have accessed the materials, you decide to withdraw, we may be able to offer a refund or credit. Please check out our policies page for more detailed information.

Application & Enrolment Questions

  • Do I have to apply to your programs?

    Most of our programs don’t have formal applications, and you can enrol quickly and easily through our website. Some programs do have enrolment requirements or formal applications. It’s best to check the program pages to check the specific requirements or give us a call or an email to discuss.

    The Health Information Management Program and the Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare Programs both have formal applications requiring multiple prerequisites and document submissions. Non-refundable application fees also apply. Please refer to their program pages for details.

  • Do I need healthcare experience to take your programs and courses?

    It depends on the program/course. In some cases, healthcare experience is required to be accepted into a program, or to successfully complete activities and assessments. In other cases, it’s not required. Please refer to the specific program or course information or contact us to discuss your specific situation.

  • Do you have specific application and intake dates?

    Our programs and courses run on a continuous enrolment model, meaning you can apply or enroll any day of the year. Programs/courses that do not have applications are open for enrolment any time and learners typically have access to program material within 30 minutes of payment. Programs with applications have an application review window that varies depending on the program.

  • I’ve taken related education previously. Can I apply for exemptions?

    Exemptions are possible in some of our programs. This includes our Health Information Management Program and our Food Service and Nutrition Management in Healthcare Program. Both have formal PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition) applications. If you are looking to enroll in another program and want to discuss potential exemptions, please contact us to discuss. A PLAR fee will apply.

  • I completed a program/course with CHA Learning in the past. Will I be eligible for PLAR exemptions in another CHA Learning program or course?

    This may be possible, depending on the program or courses you have completed and the ones you are interested in. For more information about PLAR eligibility, contact us.

Learning System Questions

  • What learning management system (LMS) do you use?

    CHA Learning uses Brightspace, a user-friendly, widely used LMS which is delivered by Desire2Learn (D2L), a Canadian company.

  • Will I have to set up an account to register?

    Yes, you will have to set up an account in our student portal as part of your enrolment process.  The student portal is the way you will access your program as well as keep your personal information up-to-date and access other services.

  • How can I access my grades?

    Your grades will be accessible to you any time in Brightspace as well as in the Student Portal after graduation. An “Official Transcript” can also be purchased here.

  • How can I update my personal information?

    You can update your information any time by logging into the student portal.

  • How do I know if online learning is for me?

    Does the following describe you?

    • I am good at keeping myself on task to complete a project
    • I am comfortable asking for clarification when needed
    • I can express myself in written form through email or a discussion board
    • I am comfortable reading learning material on my own and understanding the concepts
    • I can work independently and in small groups
    • I am comfortable using technology

    If you answered yes to most of the statement above, then online learning might be a good fit for you!

  • What computer equipment will I need?

    Generally, you will require:

    • Windows or Mac computer with an up-to-date operating system
    • Internet connection (high-speed broadband is best)
    • Speakers (built-in or USB headset)
    • Latest version of an internet browser

    In some programs/courses, additional equipment or software is required. These may include:

    • Microphone and webcam (highly recommended for all)
    • Google Chrome Browser
    • Mac to Windows conversion software (Coding Specialist, Coding Refresher and Health Information Management only)

    Please check specific programs for any technical requirements.

  • Do you have technical support?

    Our staff can provide support for learners in using our online systems. We often help our learners troubleshoot simple technical issues too, but we are not IT professionals. We’re not able to help learners with hardware issues.

Administrative Questions

  • Do you issue student cards?

    We do not currently issue student cards. Your student number can be found in your profile in your student portal account.

  • Am I eligible for a Tax Credit?

    HealthCareCAN will provide all eligible learners with the appropriate tax credit documentation for income tax purposes. HealthCareCAN will issue T2202 Forms or Official Tax Receipts to learners who have been in a program or course a minimum of three weeks and paid a minimum of $100.00 in tuition expenses. Please reference the Tuition Tax Credit Schedule for a summary of eligible programs and courses. Learners who audit courses or programs are not eligible for tax receipts.

  • What information is included in my Official Tax Receipt?

    On the Official Tax Receipt, you will find your contact information, student ID, name of the program/course(s) purchased, year of purchase, and the amount paid.

  • Why am I not eligible for a T2202 Form?

    Because most of our programs are self-paced, we can’t attest to how much time you spend in your studies or when.

    Only programs that are registered with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada are eligible for the T2202 form. You can use the Official Tax Receipt on your income taxes.

  • Why do I need to submit my SIN number?

    Only learners in the Health Information Management program are required to submit their SIN. As of 2019, all designated education institutions are required to provide the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with the SIN on Form T2202 (Education and Textbook Amount Certificate).