Coaching for Organizational Development in Conversation with Alberta Health Services (AHS)

Published on May 11, 2023

Join us for episode 34 of The HQ podcast, as we welcome two esteemed health leaders, Vesna Kos, Senior Advisor, and Stevie Colvin, Manager of Organizational Development, from Alberta Health Services’ Talent Management Strategies department. Together, we delve into the crucial role that coaching plays in the organizational development of AHS, exploring the relationship between leading and coaching, and the significance of developing a coaching culture. Tune in to discover why coaching is the panacea for all things related to people and culture and why it is a vital tool for driving growth and success within any organization.

About Stevie Colvin MA, CEC, CTDP

Born in Saskatchewan and raised in Alberta Stevie now calls Edmonton home.  Stevie describes herself as a sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and passionate leadership and organizational development specialist.

Currently, she is the Manager of Organizational Development at AHS. In this role, her primary focus is culture change. She claims her raison d’etre is giving rise to confident people and healthy organizations. A certified coach and adult educator, and she holds a master’s degree in leadership with a focus on resilience through profound change. Stevie is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Institute for Performance and Learning.

Prior to working in Talent Management Strategies, Stevie worked at the university Hospital in Edmonton and held a variety of roles, the most challenging being the leadership of the staffing office. She claims that it was that role that ignited her passion for leadership development.

While work keeps her engaged, Stevie’s family and personal pursuits keep her happy. She volunteers at Royal Roads University, coaching students and spends as much time as possible with her grandchildren. Her favourite activities include back-country hiking and camping; cross country skiing and sitting in the sunshine with a good book.


About Special Guest Vesna Kos, MBA, CDC, ACC

Vesna Kos is a lifelong learner who firmly believes in having a growth mindset. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a graduate certificate in Management from the Australian Institute of Business, as well as a leadership certificate from the University of Alberta.

Along with her educational background, Vesna is also certified in various tools that she uses with teams and during coaching. She holds certifications in Personality Dimensions, Crucial Conversations, Resilience @ Work, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I and Step II, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, EQi-2.0 and EQ 360, as well as Trust at Work and Triscendence Trust Assessment for Leaders and Teams.

Specializing in leadership and team development, Vesna has a particular passion for coaching and consulting in the areas of leadership and team effectiveness, courageous leadership, organizational culture and employee engagement, emotional intelligence, and leadership presence. With over fifteen years of experience working in a variety of industries, including government, finance, higher education, retail, consulting, and healthcare, Vesna currently works as a Senior Advisor in Alberta Health Services’ Organizational Development team.


Our CHA Learning Coaching Story

We’re excited to share an insightful article written by Dale Schierbeck, Vice President of Learning & Development at CHA Learning and host of The HQ podcast. In the article, Dale highlights the power of coaching for healthcare professionals and teams, and shares his own experience of how coaching made an impact on our very own team. If you’re looking for new ways to invest in your team and unlock their full potential, Dale’s article is a must-read!

Read the full LinkedIn article here: Our CHA Learning Coaching Story


Coaching & Professional Services at CHA Learning

CHA Learning offers a series of Coaching & Professional Services for individuals, groups and teams to enhance leadership potential, team effectiveness, skills and knowledge and culture. If you’re curious about the benefits of coaching for individuals and teams working in healthcare, please Contact Us to register for a FREE 30-minute consultation with our lead coach Amanda Bjorn.


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