Building the Case for the Palliative Care Approach with Pallium Canada CEO Jeffrey Moat

Published on June 15, 2023

In episode 36 of The HQ podcast, Jeffrey Moat, CEO of Pallium Canada, joins us for a candid and thought-provoking conversation about palliative care. Throughout our conversation, we discuss palliative care’s “brand problem”, how palliative care and those who provide it have been affected by the pandemic, and how the palliative care approach, one of the best examples of team-based care, can be applied at every stage of treatment and diagnosis, and how it can help with our current health workforce challenges.

Tune in as we dive into this often skirted-around and poorly understood topic to uncover the critical role palliative care plays in the health continuum and its significance in the broader conversations surrounding leadership and our health workforce.


About Jeffrey Moat

Jeff joined Pallium Canada as Chief Executive Officer in 2017 where he brings 30 years of experience in creating organizational excellence, compelling social change programs and increasing consumer engagement within the not-for-profit, private sector and NGO industries.

Previous to this, Jeff joined the Mental Health Commission of Canada where he established Partners for Mental Health, the country’s first non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating a social movement to transform the way people think about mental health, and act towards people living with a mental health problem or illness.

Jeff also enjoyed an eight-year tenure as National Director of Marketing for Canadian Blood Services. He spent the first half of his career in the financial services as Assistant Vice President for Citibank Canada and Bank One International and later Vice President of Marketing for Alterna Bank.

Jeff is a graduate of McGill University where he received his Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management Policy. Jeff also holds a certificate in Finance and Accounting from McGill University and has earned professional certificates in Direct Marketing and Database Marketing from York University. Jeff also has his Chartered Marketer professional designation.


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