Healthcare and Environmental Sustainability: A Panel Discussion on Healthcare’s Impact and Influence on the Environment

Published on June 29, 2023

In this thought-provoking episode of The HQ podcast, we examine the crucial relationship between healthcare and the environment. Canada’s healthcare system stands as one of the largest energy consumers, purchasers of goods, and employers, giving it a significant role in both the environmental challenges we face and influencing the potential solutions we can embrace.

In episode 37, we are joined by a panel of experts from HealthPro Canada and Health Proc Europe who are leading the way in helping healthcare organizations implement practical strategies and innovative approaches to integrate sustainability into their practices. Tune in to gain valuable insights as our panellists discuss solutions for reducing the healthcare system’s impact on our environment and discover how we can all contribute to building a greener and healthier future.


About Kendra Frey

Kendra Frey is Vice President, Materials Management at HealthPRO Canada. As Vice President of Materials Management, Kendra is responsible for the strategic oversight of several business units under HealthPRO’s Materials Management portfolio, including Clinical, Support Services, Nutrition and Food Services, Capital Equipment and Signature Services. In this capacity, she drives new strategies to deliver the best value to members. Kendra is a certified Supply Chain Management Professional and holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Management Economics from the University of Guelph.


About Alam Hallan

Alam Hallan is the Clinical Director at HealthPRO Canada and is a driving force in the realm of sustainability with a rich blend of experience in pharmacy, biotechnology, and business.

With almost a decade in the pharmacy and clinical research space, Alam broadened his horizons with an MBA from Oxford University. This global educational journey ignited his passion for sustainability, prompting him to integrate these principles into his professional endeavours.

Alam is a seasoned veteran in leading successful digital transformations within the pharmacy sector. He’s keen on leveraging his tech skills to nurture environmentally responsible initiatives and bridge the gap between healthcare and sustainability.


About Elisa Frenz

Elisa Frenz is the Chief Executive Officer of Health Proc Europe. Elisa’s mission is to humanize patient care by creating valuable, collaborative and transparent health ecosystems.

Elisa advises organizations in the healthcare sector from corporate to start up level on an international scale, and, with her entrepreneurial mindset, she brings bold ideas to life, leveraging multi-stakeholder connections across industries, with the aim to accelerate digital transformation.


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