Canada’s health research crisis and why you should care: A panel discussion with 3 champions of Canadian health discovery

Published on March 12, 2024

In episode 47 of The HQ podcast we discuss the fundamental role Canadian health research plays not only in uncovering game-changing new discoveries, but also in improving healthcare and health systems around the world.

From the discovery of insulin in 1921 to directing decades of scientific research that led to the development of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines to combat COVID-19, Canadian health research has always been a global leader. However, concerns are mounting that federal government investment in health research is no longer sufficient to develop and support Canada’s best and brightest minds as they work to uncover the discoveries that will address future challenges.

Learn as our expert panel goes “beyond the lab” to explain the importance of maintaining a strong Canadian health research ecosystem as the foundation for high-quality clinical care, a wealth generator with a tremendous return on investment, and our nation’s best defense against the next, inevitable pandemic.

About David Hill

Dr. David Hill is the integrated vice-president, Research, and scientific director of Lawson Health Research Institute at St. Joseph’s Health Care and London Health Sciences Centre and a professor at Western University.

About Ellen Chesney

Ellen Chesney is the Chief Administrative Office – Research at the Provincial Health Services Authority in British Columbia, a $180 million research enterprise. She manages board governance and oversight of research across PHSA’s eight agencies and four research institutes.

About Cindy Trytten

Cindy Trytten is Director of Research at Island Health Authority in BC where, at any one time, 30-40 clinical trials are taking place at Royal Jubilee, Victoria General and Nanaimo Hospitals. Cindy has particular expertise and interest in advancing research in Emerging Health Research Institutes in BC and Canada.

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