Why are We Discussing Models of Care as Part of a Reshaping of Healthcare: In Conversation with Suzanne Madore, COO and CNE at The Ottawa Hospital

Published on April 4, 2024

In this thought-provoking episode of The HQ podcast, we dive into one of the critical topics surrounding the future of healthcare delivery and a key solution out of  the health human resource (HHR) crisis healthcare is facing today. With a special focus on the concepts of models of care and scope of practice, we explore the challenges and practical solutions to reshaping the healthcare landscape to meet current needs and address the burning question: are we utilizing our healthcare workforce in the most effective way possible?

Joining us for this conversation is Suzanne Madore, a remarkable health leader with 33 years of nursing experience, who has risen through the ranks to become the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Executive for The Ottawa Hospital (TOH). Suzanne brings with her to the conversation her unique leadership experience from a bedside nurse to a key figure tackling healthcare’s most significant challenges, such as surgical wait times, staff burnout, and hospital occupancy.

Join us for this insightful conversation as we explore the future of care delivery with one of healthcare’s most forward-thinking leaders.

Key Discussions:

Tackling the Health Workforce Crisis: An in-depth look at HHR challenges including demographics, turnover, recruitment, and how these issues contribute to the current state of crisis in healthcare.

Hard Truths and Impetus for Change: Suzanne addresses the hard truths health system leaders need to face and what drives the need for innovative solutions in today’s healthcare crisis.

Evolution of Clinical Models of Care: A journey through the history and evolution of clinical models of care, spotlighting the shift towards team-based models and its implications for healthcare delivery.

Operational Challenges and Solutions: From an operational standpoint, we discuss the complexities of implementing new care models and how they affect various roles within the healthcare system.

Cultural Impact and Workforce Response: An exploration of how these changes affect the hospital’s culture and the overall response from the workforce.

Advice for Future Leaders: Suzanne offers her wisdom to other leaders, particularly HR leaders, who aim to make a difference in the healthcare landscape.


About Suzanne Madore:

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Executive at The Ottawa Hospital

Suzanne Madore stands as a beacon of leadership and innovation within Canada’s largest academic health science centres. With a career spanning over three decades in nursing and executive roles, Suzanne’s approach to solving healthcare challenges through public-private partnerships, cross-hospital collaborations, and risk-taking has marked a significant impact on staff and patient outcomes. Her commitment to the profession and empathy for frontline staff continue to guide her work in developing new models of care and addressing healthcare’s most pressing issues.


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