The Why and How of Compassion’s Crucial Role in Healthcare: A Discussion with Kathleen Ledoux

Published on September 28, 2023

For Episode 41 of The HQ Podcast, we have the privilege of welcoming Kathleen Ledoux, a distinguished nurse with extensive experience in clinical, leadership, and academic roles, to engage in a discussion on compassion in healthcare. Kathleen, who has published both research and commentary on compassion, explores with us what it is to be compassionate, where compassion comes from, and its integral connection to the delivery of high-quality healthcare and leadership.

In the lead-up to and during the pandemic, healthcare professionals faced both physical and mental exhaustion, experiencing firsthand the profound effects and impact of burnout. How do these effects influence the capacity of our healthcare professionals to experience and express compassion, and in turn, how does this impact the quality of care provided? Tune in as Kathleen discusses these questions and offers actionable solutions for addressing this critical issue.


About Kathleen Ledoux

Kathleen Ledoux is a nurse who has had multiple and diverse experiences over the course of her career. She has been a clinical nurse, a nurse leader and most recently, a nurse academic. Among many accomplishments, Kathleen is most proud of attaining her Ph.D. at a time when she might have contemplated retirement. During the course of her PhD Kathleen became immersed in learning about compassion: its effects and benefits, how it can be learned, and how to implement it in both one’s professional and personal realms. To that end, she completed a year-long program at Stanford University’s Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research to learn how to teach others how to be compassionate. She has published both research and commentary on compassion. Kathleen is currently an Adjunct Research Professor and Research Coordinator at Western University, Canada. It is her intention to spend this next portion of her career helping others to learn how they might lead a more compassionate life, writing about, and researching compassion.


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