Katharine Smart Discusses the Role of Social Media and Misinformation in Healthcare Today

Published on July 7, 2022


Over 4.62 billion people across the world use social media! People spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes per day on social media and the average user will visit 7.5 different social media platforms every month (Hootsuite, 2022). To say that social media platforms dominate our media landscape would be an understatement.

In this episode of the HQ Podcast, we are honoured to be joined by special guest Dr. Katharine Smart, President of the Canadian Medical Association, to discuss the role of social media in healthcare, misinformation, and the advantages and disadvantages of online communication.


About Dr. Katharine Smart

Dr. Katharine Smart has worked in pediatrics for over 20 years. She moved to Whitehorse (Yukon) to implement a new collaborative model of pediatric care to serve marginalized children. She works primarily with children who have experienced trauma and adverse childhood events, and she witnesses the broad and lasting impact these events have on children and their development daily.

A passionate advocate for improving services for all children, Dr. Smart also provides acute care at the hospital. Prior to moving to Canada’s North, she was a pediatric emergency medicine physician at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Smart currently serves as thr Canadian Medical Association President, the 10th woman to access the role in 154 years. She is a mom to two kids and a fur friend, a wife and an active member of her community.


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