The Ethics of EDI – How to Be a ‘Good’ Leader & Person. A Conversation with Bashir Jiwani, Executive Director of Ethics & Diversity Services at Fraser Health (EDI Series Part 8)

Published on December 8, 2022

If most people strive to be good and want to do good things, why is it that we have problems like racism, discrimination, and oppression? What are the obstacles that prevent us from being good leaders and fostering equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)? For Part 8 of our series focused on EDI, we are joined by Bashir Jiwani, Executive Director, Ethics and Diversity Services, at the Fraser Health Authority to discuss these questions, and more broadly the ethics of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Don’t miss this captivating and insightful conversation with Bashir Jiwani, a brilliant thought-leader and one of Canada’s top bioethicists!


The HQ podcast episode 24 guest - Bashir Jiwani

About Bashir Jiwani

Bashir Jiwani, PhD, is Executive Director, Ethics and Diversity Services, at the Fraser Health Authority which serves one of Canada’s largest, fastest growing and most diverse regional populations.

Bashir leads a team that provides decision support in patient care and at the system-level, builds capacity to deal with complex, ethically challenging situations in contexts of diversity, enables access to language resources and builds partnerships for understanding and collaborating with diverse communities. The team’s overall goal is to support patients, care providers and members of the public to improve their quality of life and live with greater integrity through their engagement with the health system.

Bashir currently serves on the Drug Benefit Council for BC, the Expensive Drugs for Rare Diseases Committee for BC, the Core Team for the Aga Khan University Thinking Group on Ethics, Stem Cell Science, and Regenerative Medicine and as a consultant for the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board (ITREB) of Canada. Bashir is the President of the Canadian Bioethics Society.”


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