Making the Shift Away From a Command & Control Leadership Style With Neil Pretty

Published on September 29, 2022


In Episode 19 of The HQ podcast, we are joined by Neil Pretty, CEO and Co-Founder of Aristotle Performance. During our conversation, we discuss how leadership has changed since the onset of the pandemic and how, as a result of the pandemic, some leaders adopted a command-and-control style of leadership. We address important questions such as: 

– What is the command-and-control style of leadership? 

– What is the impact of this leadership style on staff, psychological safety, and on those that lead our teams – and how does all of this enable or hinder our goal for equity, diversity and inclusion? 

– What can leaders do to reflect on and examine their own leadership style to help make the shift away from a command-and-control style of leadership? 

– How can all of this bring about a great sense of belonging and connectedness, including for our leaders who may otherwise feel alone and isolated? 

Tune in as we unpack these questions and gain insight from a thought leader who has been on the leading edge of developing at-scale solutions for increasing workplace psychological safety from the earliest days of the pandemic.


About Neil Pretty

Neil Pretty - The HQ special guest for episode 19Neil Pretty is the CEO and co-founder of Aristotle Performance. Neil describes the start of his own leadership journey beginning when he was 13 years old in army cadets. He has held positions of leadership ever since then and started several businesses and lead many teams as a result. Neil moved into the corporate space first as a coach then specializing in working with high potential leaders who struggled with destructive and even toxic behaviours.

His practice evolved into team and organizational development and has been on the leading edge of developing atscale solutions for increasing psychological safety from the earliest days of the pandemic. Together, with his team, they work with organizations all over the globe and are the Americas partner of The Fearless Organization. 


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