Workforce Planning and Canada’s HHR Crisis

Published on March 21, 2022


In this episode we are going to cut to the issue facing healthcare today – the crisis of our health human resources or, in more simple terms, the crisis of the people in healthcare. It is a topic on the lips of those in government, including our federal and provincial ministers of health. It is top of mind for most healthcare organizations and certainly for our health leaders and those that lead people.

Our healthcare workers, the people we depend on to care for us, are themselves in need of care. They are burnt out, demoralized, and exhausted. Many are sick and some are so mentally hurt that they have committed or attempted suicide. Our current system of health stands at the brink of collapse – or, at the very least, most agree it is unsustainable into the future.

To explore this pressing healthcare topic, we are very pleased to be joined by Andrée Robichaud, CEO of Central Health in Newfoundland and Labrador. Andrée has acquired extensive experience over the last two decades as a health care executive and board member in several organizations in several provinces and regions. Andrée also brings strategic planning and policy development experience as the former Associate Deputy Minister for Francophone Services with the Government of New Brunswick. She has also chaired the Conference of Federal Provincial Deputy Ministers Advisory Committee on Health Delivery and Health Human Resources. 


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