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The Change Leadership Certificate (CLiC) will equip you to successfully lead change, by integrating leadership with change management best practices. Pragmatic and practical, CLiC provides you with the essential information, tools and hands-on experience for effective change management and change leadership. During the course, you will analyze real-life approaches used by successful change leaders, and apply that learning to your own situation. By the end of the course, you will have a clear sense of how to effectively begin and implement a sustainable change initiative.

Registrants will be able to choose from four case studies for use in this program:

  • A clinical case: Mount Sinai – University Health Network: Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
  • A digital health case: Holland Bloorview: connect2care: Transforming how we share information with clients and families
  • An organizational development case: Champlain Community Care Access Centre – Performance Management Rethink
  • A culture change case:Schlegel Villages, Innovation in Long-Term Care

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Why Take This Program?

  • Uniquely integrates leadership into change management
  • Your learning is practical and based on one of the following real-life case studies that you select: organizational culture change, digital health, clinical practice and organizational development (performance management)
  • You will be able to apply your learning immediately by creating a change plan for your own change initiative
  • Enrol at any time
  • Jointly developed with Canada Health Infoway and successful healthcare change leaders
  • Aligned with the LEADS in a Caring Environment Leadership Framework, and Canada Health Infoway’s National Change Management Framework
  • Includes coaching by experienced change leaders
  • This Program is eligible for 7 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits through the Canadian College of Health Information Management
  • There are no application prerequisites for this program
  • Approximately 50 hours
  • Take up to 6 months to complete, at your own pace
  • $1255 CAD
  • $1455 International Students
  • No additional material costs or fees

By the end of the course, you will have a clear sense of how to effectively begin and implement a sustainable change initiative by confidently applying both change management and change leadership. You will have a clear appreciation that any change initiative requires deliberate engagement early on – and that the people are the most critical part in change planning.

Unit 1: Leading Organizational Change in Healthcare—A Team Approach

  • Seeing the healthcare system as a team endeavour, and change as a team challenge
  • Knowing the difference between mechanistic systems and human systems, and how those differences help leaders better understand the dynamics of change
  • Describing the practices of change needed to engage knowledge workers in change
  • Understanding, differentiating and appreciating the symbiotic relationship between change management and change leadership

Unit 2: Establishing Your Playing Field for your Healthcare Change Initiative

  • Identifying and clarifying the unique “playing field” for change within the healthcare environment in which your change is situated
  • Describing the various kinds of change challenges—in terms of their purpose, scope, breadth, depth of impact and complexity that are experienced in the health sector—and the challenges implicit in each
  • Explaining the difference between personal, operational and strategic change and how they interact
  • Describing the role of a change leader in a health environment and applying best practices to a change challenge

Unit 3: Building the Change Line-up—Clarifying Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships

  • Explaining how to prepare for, implement, and sustain change through a series of iterative phases of a virtuous change cycle
  • Describing the challenges in “preparing for change,” along with the tools and techniques to address them
  • Identifying the challenges in “implementing change,” and critically analyzing the value of tools and techniques to address them
  • Exploring and identifying the challenges in “sustaining change,” and critically analyzing the value of the tools and techniques to address them
  • Describing the challenges associated with “scaling change”

Unit 4: A Game Plan for Change

  • Creating a game plan (framework) that integrates change management and change leadership into the planning to guide and orchestrate change
  • Explaining the stages and components of an effective game plan for operational change
  • Investigating, critically examining and applying key tools, techniques and processes that you, as a leader, might use to employ to populate the game plan
  • Identifying elements that are consistent with a successful change plan framework

Unit 5: Change in Action—Leading Through Day-to-Day Challenges

  • Identifying signals that suggest the change is not progressing as planned
  • Adapting to emergent situations and altering processes to achieve desired outcomes
  • Identifying pitfalls/obstacles that jeopardize implementing a change plan and how leadership can be used to increase the chance of success
  • Developing courage and resilience as the change initiative progresses
  • Using approaches to sustain people through chaos and ambiguity associated with change

Change Leadership Certificate FAQ

  • What will I achieve at the completion of this course?

    At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate from CHA Learning.

“The Change Leadership Certificate Course provided me with an array of tools, approaches and techniques to champion, plan, implement, and sustain a change for my health care organization. I found the learning experience to be inclusive, the learning resources relevant and the support by the facilitators great! I know I will use this certificate in my future both on a personal and professional level.”
—T. Noseworthy, Graduate, 2019

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