It’s been said that good practice comes from good theory, but I believe good practice comes from intelligently adapting theory to your specific reality and environment, and CHA Learning really provides that opportunity.

—Dan Merritt


Community Spotlight

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Dan Merritt

Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development
Home and Community Care Support Services, Champlain

Role/partnership with CHA Learning: Faculty Member & Subject Matter Expert
Social Media: LinkedIn | Twitter (organization)
Location: Ottawa, ON
Dan is a long-standing faculty member and subject matter expert who has been advising CHA Learning and supported learners in our Management Essentials Program and Change Leadership Certificate since 2015.

In addition to his role at CHA Learning, Dan is Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development at the Home and Community Care Support Services, Champlain. A former educator, he has extensive experience leading organizational development, learning, talent management, human resource, and organizational change initiatives in high change, high performance environments, including in the public and private sectors and internationally. Dan has a B.A from McGill University, a B.Ed from the University of Ottawa, and Organizational Development Certificate from Queens University.

Dan is passionate about his role with CHA Learning because of what differentiates the self-directed approach to learning, which also builds in valuable interaction with faculty and other peers; sharing challenges, lessons learned and successes.

To him, the value of CHA Learning’s programs lies in the personal self-growth, interpersonal engagement skills and the organizational learning that occurs. He sees a lot of reflection, self-discovery, and self-management in the learners. It’s the communication skills, the engagement skills and the adaptation skills that make the learning so rich.

Dan shared the following insight with us from the faculty perspective: “When we see one or more learners in an organization apply and share their learning in their work lives, it stimulates and prompts more collaboration, common understandings and practice and builds new capacity for strong management and leadership skills in that organization.”