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Our Podcast Series: The HQ

Welcome to The HQ, CHA Learning’s/HealthCareCAN’s podcast series where we explore and discuss the topics relevant to healthcare today. The HQ focuses on the people that make up and lead our complex, adaptive system of healthcare. The HQ is your trusted headquarters as, together, we engage with thought-leaders to learn and understand what matters most to those that lead our health workforce.

Latest Episode

 May 9, 2024How Artificial Intelligence Can Be a Solution to our HHR Crisis and Transform the Future of Healthcare with Dr. Muhammad MamdaniWelcome to a special milestone episode of The HQ Podcast! And what better way to celebrate our 50th episode than with another inspiring and critically important conversation. Today, we dive into a topic that’s rapidly reshaping all parts of our lives, including the future of healthcare: artificial intelligence (AI). Dale’s conversation with Dr. Muhammad Mamdani, […]

Online Network

Our online network, called The Hive, will be a place our community members can connect, network, discuss, share and learn together on a number of healthcare topics. Join The Hive mailing list to be among the first to know when registration is open.

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Case Studies

Our CHA Learning Team Coaching StoryIf you manage people and budgets, ask yourself: what is the best way we can invest in our people and teams? What can we do and spend money on that will have the greatest return on impact? For CHA Learning, it was an investment in coaching. Read this case study to learn how coaching helped the CHA Learning team communicate, rebuild connections, and build supports, resulting in stronger team resilience, growth, and collaboration.

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Community Spotlights

Each month, we profile a special member of our community: a student, alumni, faculty member, or partner. Check out this month’s inspiring story below.

“The Trailblazers for Culture Change Awards recognizes changemakers across Canada that are contributing to changing the culture of aging through initiatives, programs, or day-to-day practice.

This Community Spotlight focuses on two Trailblazer Award recipients for 2024.”

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