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Our online network, called The Hive, will be a place our community members can connect, network, discuss, share and learn together on a number of healthcare topics. Join The Hive mailing list to be among the first to know when registration is open.

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Case Studies

Increasing Capacity of Organizational Development Teams – One plus One equals unlimited possibilitiesEastern Health is Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest Regional Health Authority, and is a valued member of HealthCareCAN. Discover how we partnered with Eastern Health to build a frontline leadership development program based on their needs and requirements.

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Community Spotlights

Each month, we profile a special member of our community: a student, alumni, faculty member, or partner. Check out this month’s inspiring story below.

Penny Zdichavsky“We often get caught up in how difficult things can be so remember the following: Things always seem impossible until they are done. Just know that starting can be a very difficult thing to do but when completed you realize that you did it and it seemed difficult at the time but now you are done!” —Penny Zdichavsky

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