HQ Podcast Season 2 Wrap-Up: Setting the Stage for an Exciting Season 3


As we eagerly await the launch of Season 3 of the HQ Podcast on January 18th, let’s take a moment to reflect on the many insights we gained over the journey of Season 2.

Season 2: A Treasure Trove of Learning

Season 2 of the HQ Podcast was a vibrant tapestry of ideas, perspectives, and expert insights. Each episode dove into critical themes in healthcare, exploring topics that ranged from innovative leadership strategies to cutting-edge health research. Our listeners were treated to a wealth of knowledge from healthcare leaders who shared their experiences in systems thinking, leadership development, coaching, psychological safety, quality and safer care, EDI, belonging, and much more.

Highlights from Season 2

Episode 25: “Moral Distress in Healthcare: A First-Hand Examination of What It Looks Like & a Discussion of What the Current Research Reveals, Including Support for Psychological Self-Care” – We began Season 2 with a discussion on the pressing issue of Moral Distress in Healthcare, examining its manifestations in organizations and the latest research insights, particularly focusing on psychological self-care for healthcare professionals. Listen Here

Episode 27: “Band-Aids or a New Healthcare System: In Conversation with Dr. Michael Gardam on the Necessary Conditions for Transforming Healthcare in Canada”
– In this episode, Dr. Michael Gardam, CEO of Health PEI, joined us to discuss his views on not only what is ailing Canadian healthcare, but what are the conditions for truly transforming it so that it serves all Canadians. Listen Here

Episode 31: “Meals Are More Than Food – Improving the Meal-Time Experience for Residents in LTC: Professor Heather Keller Shares Her New Research and Choice+ Program”
– Here, Professor Heather Keller discussed the importance of meal-time experiences in long-term care, showcasing her Choice+ program and latest research. Listen Here

Episode 39: “Exploring the Power of Just Culture: A Blueprint for Safer Healthcare with David Marx”
– David Marx, CEO of The Just Culture Company, explored with us the intricacies of Just Culture—what it is, why it is critical in high-consequence industries such as healthcare, and how it can be fostered. Listen Here

In Season 2, we enriched our series on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging with several key episodes. These discussions, led by industry experts, deepened our exploration into EDIB, highlighting strategies for fostering a more inclusive and equitable healthcare environment. You can listen to the full series below.


Coming Up: Season 3!

As we gear up for Season 3, expect more insightful conversations, more expert guests, and a deeper dive into topics that matter most to those who lead our health workforce including crucial conversations around recruitment and retention, models of care, and reimagining aging and seniors’ care and many more. But first, we’ll be kicking off Season 3 with a very special guest, Dr. Javeed Sukhera, for an important and powerful discussion on mental health structural stigma in healthcare.

As Chair of Psychiatry at the Institute of Living (IOL) and Chief of Psychiatry at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Sukhera brings a wealth of knowledge and invaluable insights to our discussion. You do not want to miss this one!

Mark Your Calendars!

Don’t forget to mark January 18th on your calendar for the premiere of Season 3. Get ready for another season of learning, inspiration, and engaging discussions!

Stay tuned, and make sure to subscribe to the HQ Podcast on your favourite streaming platform.

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